Many methods are available but which ones work?  Be suspicious of 'diet programs' that offer fast results.  Rapid weight loss can result in sagging skin, fatigue, hair loss, cracked nails plus other more serious side effects. There are pills, detoxes, fasts, and the most extreme method called  bariatric surgery.  This involves re-arranging your digestive system.  It forces you to eat less or you will feel sick.  While it is true that certain medications and medical conditions promote weight gain, the majority of overweight is caused by eating more calories than you use.  In fact, 80% of Americans do not engage in aerobic exercise regularly. Lack of exercise not only promotes weight gain but also puts us at risk for blood clots. 


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When you are overweight daily activities often become difficult.  Climbing stairs, going for a walk, putting on or tying your shoes, or even sleeping comfortably in bed can be challenging.  Many of my patients who lose weight have told me that they feel more energized and mentally alert. However,  changes to ones physical appearance go beyond a smaller waistline. Patients look younger because their skin is smoother, the jaw line is tighter and they have a healthy glow.  This happens regardless of a person's age.    

The United States ranks number one in the world for obesity.  78 million Americans are obese.  China ranks number two with

46 million.  India ranks number three with 30 million. In the United States 71% of men especially 50-64 years old and 62% of women especially those 60-64 years are overweight or obese.  Among children aged 10-14 years old, it is about even. 37% girls and 38% boys.  This has been called a global epidemic among developed countries.  2.1 billion people or 1/3 of the world's population are either overweight or obese.   

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The most important consideration in losing weight is you still being able to eat some of the foods you love. Many people believe that a 'diet' is a punishment.  Actually, many of my patients are so happy after they receive their individualized meal plan.  I try to build their plan around the foods they like and make some modifications that they find acceptable.  There is no substitute for a one-to-one consultation with a dietitian.  It is your private time to discuss your concerns about food as well as exercise. A registered dietitian is professionally trained to help you achieve your weight and nutrition goals. 

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As a Registered Dietitian practicing in New Rochelle and New York City, I have helped many patients lose weight and maintain their weight loss. Overweight is associated with increased risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, kidney disease and certain types of cancer.  You are overweight if your body mass index (BMI) is between 25-29.9.  You are obese if your BMI is 30 or more.  BMI Calculator


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