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"Marilyn Tucker has been my nutritionist for over 10 years. ...She has helped me lose weight and keep it off.. She gives out sensible and proven advice. When I stray, she is firm but not judgmental. She has given me guidance to combine exercise and nutrition for a better life."  RG  Brooklyn, NY

"Marilyn Tucker-Viselli was recommended by my primary care physician. She has given me excellent advice...extremely courteous, professional. When I first came in, I was rapidly gaining weight.  Now my weight gain has stopped. I have lost 10 lbs and continue to lose weight. I can not recommend her highly enough."  KS Queens, NY​

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"The dietitian for people who love to eat"


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"Marilyn made me feel at ease and comfortable and very quickly understood not only how I eat but also my emotional and family circumstances and how they affect my eating patterns. She educated and encouraged me and helped me reach my goals. I highly recommend her as your professional partner to help you reach your own goals."  AS   NY, NY

"I am a patient of Marilyn Tucker Viselli and have lost 15 pounds  by following her expert guidance on nutrition and exercise. I look forward to my weekly visits with Marilyn and have recommended her services to many co-workers and family members. I am enjoying my lifestyle change thanks to her continued support.  YR  Yonkers, NY​​​


"Marilyn Tucker is an angel! I was referred to Marilyn about five years ago by my Endocrinologist. At that time, I was feeling so many unexplained symptoms and mood swings which was due to my blood sugar levels swinging to wildly. Marilyn was diligent, caring and patiently worked with me to bring my AIC levels down to normal. I also lost 35 pounds which amazed me and everyone else.  Marilyn cares about your health as well as your mind, body and spirit. Marilyn is a terrific nutritionist with years of experience. I am so glad to recommend her."  AW  New Rochelle, NY

Marilyn Tucker-Viselli

"...Marilyn was there for me through the physical and emotional roller coast ride of shedding over 100 lbs. I still struggle with the last 20 lbs but Marilyn never gets frustrated or loses her patience with me. She just gently refocuses my attention and motivation on healthy eating habits." GM  Bronx, NY

"Weight loss has always been a goal of mine.  Since I have been seeing Dr. Marilyn Tucker, I have lost 55 pounds in seven months.  She has helped me get so much closer to my goal weight of 150 pounds with her wonderful nutrition suggestions, meal plans and continuous support. I highly recommend her as a nutritionist to all." BA  Mount Vernon, NY


"I have been seeing Marilyn Tucker for four years. She has provided nutritional guidance to facilitate a more healthful lifestyle.  She has enabled me to lose weight as well as educated me about how to maintain my weight. More importantly,  her philosophy of "you are what you eat" allows for a more individualized approach. Therefore, I would recommend her highly as a medical nutritionist."   RK  NY, NY

"My nutrition experience has been amazing!  In my Latin culture, visiting a nutritionist is unheard of.  But  I was overweight by 20 pounds with high cholesterol. All I did at that time was watch TV and eat. I discussed my situation with my doctor who referred me to Mrs. Tucker. I have been seeing her for two years. It was the best decision that I ever made. Not only did I lose 20 pounds but I learned to eat healthier.  I will continue to see "My Nutritionist" as an essential part of my preventive care."  LT  Yonkers, NY

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"I started eating more fruits, vegetables and drinking water plus snacks that I was not eating before. My total weight loss has been approximately 41 lbs from a size 14 W to a 12 R. Dr Tucker, I am so thankful to you for helping me look and feel extremely well..." DS,  New Rochelle, NY